Intl DTC Channel

The most cost-effective way for wineries to acquire loyal customers overseas is the Intl DTC Channel. It does not require expensive travels abroad or time consuming negotiations with importers. Only two simple steps.
Step 1. It starts in the tasting room with the winery staff

Imagine you have a great winery brand with global audience in mind. Let’s start with staff training—use our software to easily process an international order for Compliance & Delivery. It is the quickest way to connect with customers overseas. We will take care of order fulfillment and delivery.

Step 2. Cross-Border eCommerce

Either you can enable the “Buy and Ship” option on your website for international customers, or we can help you onboard our partnering global eCommerce platforms “List and Sell.” Gliding Eagle will fulfill and deliver orders frictionlessly.

Results delivered

Each year we help our winery clients realize ~$5M revenue from the Intl DTC Channel by following these simple steps. We are confident that it will work for you, too!

Monthly Subscription Plans for Winery Clients
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Intl DTC Services: 
much more than shipping

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Cross-Border eCommerce

Three Building Blocks

3 Blocks for global trade3 Blocks for global trade
In the big picture, our winery clients focus on (A) Supply. We at Gliding Eagle focus on (B) Supply Chain—“get there safely.” In order to truly scale up the whole channel, we are constantly looking for effective partners who can generate (C) Demand, by growing sales to consumers globally.

Regularly we bring new opportunities to our winery clients. We have partnered with online merchants who specialize in top wine markets like China, Japan, and UK. More to come.
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