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A Frictionless UX

A Frictionless User Experience (UX) has been created with our technology for the wine industry. Since 2017, we have systematically simplified the Intl DTC process: Compliance, Duties, and Delivery. For Winery Clients: our Intl DTC App enables winery staff to confidently say “Yes” to customers in 60+ global destinations. For Winery’s Customers: our Intl DTC Services enable wine buyers to receive wines with peace of mind. No drama.

Gliding Eagle Scorecard

  • 700+

    satisfied wineries & brands

  • 60+

    global destinations

  • 200+

    Ultra-Premium winery clients

  • 3-9

    days delivered typically

  • 99.91%

    delivery success rate

1 Technology

Intl DTC App

Compliance, Duties & Delivery, all are easily accessible within One App for 60+ global destinations.


Each bottle, package, shipment, and order uniquely. Ensuring product authenticity by data end-to-end.

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2 Services

Intl Wine DTC

“Get there” quickly and safely: a streamlined process for digital compliance, customs duties, and express delivery by air. For 200+ ultra-premium winery clients and their customers in 60+ global destinations, including Canada and China.

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Winery Clients

Over the years, we have engendered deep relationships with Ultra-Premium to Iconic winery clients. They are our pride and joy.

Happy Customers

Gliding Eagle makes shipping wines to our customers internationally very easy. Our customers know exactly what they are paying for in regards to freight, duties and taxes up front. No surprises! Such a great team to work with!

– Tina Plum, Customer Care, Silver Oak

Gliding Eagle is the golden standard for international shipments...or really, all shipments. They easily and reliably help us send wine to our amazing customers all throughout the world and provide full transparency and tracking throughout. Shipping to China shouldn't be easier than shipping to Wisconsin, but with Gliding Eagle, it is!

– Ed Feuchuk, Farm Collective Napa Valley

Google Review - 5 stars

We chose Gliding Eagle because of its reputation for being on time, efficient, and consistent with 100% quality customer service. We have been extremely satisfied having a working relationship with them.

– Patty Ketchum, VP Finance at Donum Estate

Thank you so much! I am very satisfied with your service! I am so happy I received wines from Napa Valley! So many people told me it was not possible.

– Grace Z., end consumer, China

We received the wine yesterday! Thank you very much for your support! I am 100% satisfied with Gliding Eagle and will choose you again when I have the chance.

– Tadashi S., end consumer, Japan

Indeed the good thing in the pandemic was rediscovering Gliding Eagle. I ordered a lot of wines over the last year in the US and had very often nice discussions with FedEx, UPS, etc. regarding taxes and duties. Of course your service is in total a little bit more expensive but it is more than worth. Indeed best in the world. And I will ask all wineries to use your service instead simply FedEx, etc.

– Peter J., Wine Merchant Owner in Germany for Sample Shipments

The easiest shipping experience for both winery and customer. Takes any of the guess work out of international shipping and also provide top of the line services throughout the entire process. Highly recommend for the shipping of any fine wines!

– Nathan Olver, Director Sales Manager at HdV Wine

Google Review - 5 stars

I love Gliding Eagle's services. Honestly, they make wine shipping internationally painless. Don't stress about compliance or paperwork as they handle it all. Great all customer satisfaction from winery and clients. I love sending clients their way.

– Emily Floyd

Google Review - 5 stars

Wonderful service. Our clients are so impressed by the professionalism of Gliding Eagle and their service. Follow-up and communication are first class. Speak with Sayaka - she's great.

– Galen Hegarty, Estate Manager at Ehlers Estate

Google Review - 5 stars

I wanted to quickly send a note to let you know that the "Gliding Eagle" has landed! Your company does a very professional job of packing and shipping to Canada. I'll certainly be calling you guys again!

– Laurence L., end consumer, Canada